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General Information

The basic condition for being an advanced society and raising qualified people is good education and training. To achieve this goal, Gazikent University, designed with a focus on “education, research and innovation”, was established in 2008 by the Gaziantep Service Foundation. In 2012, the university was named Hasan Kalyoncu University as a result of the sense of loyalty to its founder.

As the first step in creating a research ecosystem and ensuring specialization, Health Sciences, Science and Social Sciences institutes were established at the university. 4500 student-researchers graduated from the departments of the institutes at master’s and doctoral levels. With the Presidential decree numbered 3519 dated 05.02.2021, three institutes were combined under one roof under the name of the Graduate Education Institute. Currently, there are 29 master’s programs with thesis, 18 master’s programs without thesis and 16 doctoral programs. 1260 students continue their education in our institute.