December 2015 |


Phd Thesis Defense Examination

Phd Thesis Defense Examination

PhD Thesis Defense Examination   Institute of Social Sciences Department of Business Administration Business School, our first PhD Thesis Defense Date December 25, 2015 at 09 hours 30 will be open to the audience.   Student                   : Ahmet Ilhan Location             […]

Business Distance Education Final Exams

Business distance education unthesis graduate final exams will held on 9th-10th January 2016 on Saturday,Sunday at 10:00 am.   You have taken just this semester you will be responsible in the exams. Each lessons consist of twenty questions.   Final Exams Program 9th January 2016 Saturday at 10:00 am EİŞL541- İnternational Business Management EİŞL501- Management  […]

Counsellor Teachers Came Together At Hku

The seminar called “The role of counsellor teachers as providing 21st century life skills” was held by Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) Faculty of Education (EF) and Gaziantep Sahinbey Counselling and Research Centre (CRC) “on the 17th of November 2015 in which counsellor teachers listened with great interest and appreciation. HKU Academicians discussed important clues to the […]