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The President Of Turkish Republic Erdoğan Is At Hasan Kalyoncu University

The President Of Turkish Republic Erdoğan Is At Hasan Kalyoncu University

HKU The Chairman of The Board of Trustees, Cemal Kalyoncu, had this speech: “ We started our educational year by laying the foundation stone of our university in 2008 and finishing the first buildings in 2009-2010.The occupancy rate of our university is among the first 20 universities(according to the highest and base points and including the universities in İstanbul and Ankara), thanks to our rector, our teachers’ effort and successful students’ choice. For some departments we have been in the first 5 universities. Our purpose is to be in the first 5 for every department in near future.

It will be seen that we have many different profiles if the student profiles are looked at. Students from 65 different cities of Turkey and 22 different countries have preferred our university. This shows that we are stepping forward to being an international university, just beyond only being a regional university.

To sum up, our main mission from the very beginning of our university is to educate our students as having high academic and vocational knowledge, national unity consciousness and bound to their own values and to contribute to the future of Turkey.

The Title of Honorary Doctorate from HKU to Erdoğan, The President of The Republic

With the No.9 and dated on 20 October 2015 decision of HKU Senate, for the reasons of raising economic welfare by increasing domestic income throughout the country, putting support behind imparting more from domestic income to research and development and  being national in production, contributing to industry to develop and acquiring competitive advantages at an international level by promoting university-industry  collaboration, improving entrepreneurship culture, for the contributions to education and technology-oriented development via extending universities and providing economic stabilization; It is decided unanimously to give honorary doctorate of Business Administration Department to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, The President.

Erdoğan, The President, thanked Hasan Kalyoncu University family and The Board of Trustees of HKU for “The Title of Honorary Doctorate” which is given him, after presenting of the title.

After opening speeches, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, The President of Turkey, said: “I hope 2015-2016 Academic year for Hasan Kalyoncu Unversity to be beneficial and for academicians and students to be successful, with the blessing of God” by congratulating the ones who make efforts to starting-up of HKU and  bringing HKU to education and science field.

Erdoğan, The President, said: “ I congratulate every student. You are a student of a different and exceptional university. Know the value of this university. I hope and believe in that you are going to paint a picture which you are proud of your teachers and your teachers are proud of you. I wish a continued success of you. I learned with pleasure that Hasan Kalyoncu University had its very first graduates in July 2015. I know that this university will make the dreams of the deceased Hasan Kalyoncu come true, whose name is given to this university. I know that each student’s education and presence in this university will be written to his deed book. I witnessed this university’s coming a long way in a short time. For this reason, first, I thank my brother, Cemal Kalyoncu, The Chairman of The Board of Trustees and then his family and his descents. The happenings in Turkey and Gaziantep in recent times will be a reason to build a strong bridge between our past and future. The people in here are a powerful example of patience. I acclaim all of you.”