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Counsellor Teachers Came Together At Hku

Counsellor Teachers Came Together At Hku

The seminar called “The role of counsellor teachers as providing 21st century life skills” was held by Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) Faculty of Education (EF) and Gaziantep Sahinbey Counselling and Research Centre (CRC) “on the 17th of November 2015 in which counsellor teachers listened with great interest and appreciation.

HKU Academicians discussed important clues to the “The role of counsellor teachers as providing 21st century life skills” by many examples of everyday life experiences while establishing mutual communication with the counsellor teachers and gave them fundamental information that will be useful throughout their lives.

In the seminar needed information was given on topics such as the rules to be considered in 21st century skills in career counselling ,career development, 21st  century skills, learning and upgrading skills, information, media and technology skills, life and vocational skills.

Hasan Kalyoncu University Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Yılmaz made a presentation right after the opening speeches of the seminar given by HKU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Yasar Ozbay and Dean- Prof. Dr. Sener Buyukozturk – HKU – Faculty of Education. Rector Yılmaz; “Dear friends, the job that you have been doing is very important. I consider this job as leadership. We have a vision of HKU being a leading institution for which we have been developing several projects. We describe ourselves as the “3rd Generation of an Innovative and Entrepreneurial University”. Even if a university is well-established but it is not for the new generation, it may not likely to provide the education that the students hope to acquire. However, our university is a 3rd generation university and it can definitely offer many services to young people and meet their demands. Also today, in a very real sense, pro-active education is available in the new generation universities.

Innovation is the process of converting new ideas into valuable outputs said Rector Yılmaz; “Leader is the person who takes decisions and practices based on intuition, intelligence and knowledge to carry the responsibility to manage the change that will benefit to the community as a member hence he has the capacity of power to affect people around him. Rector added “Leader stands by his though decisions and outcomes whenever needed.”

Assoc. Dr. Hasan Esici talking about 21st century skills claimed that “21st century skills will be managed and developed only when we improve and diversify the digital learning environment of Z generation, identify the expectations of new-generation business world and prepare them to spare time for outdoor activities as much time as they can.” Learning and Remodelling Skills begins with showing creativity and novelty in working life. However; creativity and renewal only maintain when new ideas are created to benefit others development ,being open and compatible to  new and different perspectives with tangible and useful assistance is provided the innovation continues,” he said.

At the end of seminar Sahinbey RAM manager Esref Birisik presented a bouquet of flowers to Rector Dr. Tamer Yılmaz.

St Mary’s Light at the end of the seminar The Director of HKU rector Prof. Dr. Tamer yılmaz RAM Ashraf presented flowers.